I Love Toy Trains DVD Parts [10-12]

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You have to get this series if you have a train fan in your life. Jeff introduces more accessories, more music, and the next five inductees into the Toy Train Hall of Fame. Other segments include the Sugar Cane Train in Hawaii and a narrow gauge Shay steamer in LaPorte, Indiana. Part 11 - We start with the story of the New York Central's revered streamlined steam locomotives. See the Commodore Vanderbilt, Mercury, 20th Century Limited, and Empire State Express in all their streamlined glory. Also featured is the modern BNSF railroad, a visit to an aquarium in Maui, fast and exciting racecars (including the Prewar Lionel slotcars and modern Scalextric models), mystifying train magic performed by Jeff, and Vinnie the train-loving dummy returns to run his trains blindfolded! Part 12 - We begin with a look back at the beautiful bicentennial trains created for the 200th birthday of the United States in 1976. Front and center is the most famous of these special trains--the American Freedom Train. This train was headed by the Southern Pacific Gs-4 streamlined steam locomotive. It made a cross-country trek, pulling thirteen special cars carrying artifacts of the nation's history. Also featured are the streamlined diesels of the 1930s, when diesels were just beginning to make their case as the motive power of choice for the railroads. Across the country, the sleek speeding machines sliced through speed records and captured the interest of a nation coping with the Great Depression. They became symbols of American industrial pride and served to ignite a spark in railroad transportation. Total Running Time: 100 minutes.

I Love Toy Trains, Part 10 :
The Paradise Railroad which includes the longest 12-inch gauge trestle bridge in the world. Boxcar Boogie. Jeff takes us for a ride on the Sugar Train on the gorgeous Hawaiian Island of Maui and tells about two of the biggest steam engines ever built, the Big Boy and the Challenger. Rock Island Line. The first five inductees into the Toy Train Prewar O Gauge Hall of Fame. Toy Train Hall of Fame. Look At Me I'm A Train, I Love Toy Trains. (33 minutes)

I Love Toy Trains, Part 11:
See vintage streamliners like the Burlington Zephyr, Empire State Express, M10,000, Commodore Vanderbilt, Mercury, Dreyfuss Hudson, AeroTrain and Hiawatha. Ghosts of the Rails. Visit an aquarium in Maui and learn about the ocean, see Jeff perform mystifying magic tricks he changes a black Hudson into shimmering gold right before your eyes. Choo Choo Blues. Race with the speediest Grand Prix drivers in the world, and find out who are the first five inductees into the Postwar Toy Train Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame. Even aliens in a spaceship! Aliens Visit Us. All this plus zany bloopers, and Vinnie the puppet does an encore. (35 minutes.)

I Love Toy Trains, Part 12:
We have a gorgeous model of the American Freedom Train, footage of the real train, and a new song, American Freedom Train, by Jim Coffey. A segment on 1930’s streamliners includes the UP M10,000, Burlington Zephyr and Hiawatha. See the PPR’s DD-1 Electric, an operating layout with trains over 100 years old, and a Modern Era Lionel layout. 900 Miles. (35 minutes.)

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