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I Love Toy Trains DVD Parts [4-6]

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Each show is a high-energy mix of toy & real train action, upbeat music by James Coffey of Blue Vision Music, and a sweet spirit that is irresistible. Part 4 - Kids learn about railroad crossing safety, different roadnames of diesels, and railroad traffic control signals. Kids love dinosaurs, so we came up with the Dino Express - a freight train with a cargo of ten frisky dinosaurs. They go for a ride but it's not always smooth. Kids also learn the various types of dinosaurs. Part 5 - Steam locomotives are featured. Kids learn how they work and how to identify them. Spectacular shots of real steamers are also included. Features legendary Standard gauge toy trains like the State Set, Banker's Special and the Mayflower. Kids will love Buster, the hapless engineer who can't seem to run his diesels without getting into an accident. Part 6-There are lots of whacky animals riding on trains in this one. Also includes educational segments about bridges, track maintenance and electrical locomotives that use catenary systems. Plenty of toy train bloopers are featured, along with classic train action both real and toy. Run Time: 90 minutes.

I Love Toy Trains, Part 4
Brio & LGB, Marx Train layout, Marx side-dumping car, warning about crossing the tracks. Stop, Look and Listen. Real steam engines - the Norfolk & Western J and the Southern Pacific Daylight. Smooth Operator. Brio layout. What Do You Hear? Show and tell - what signals mean. Signal Lights. About electric engines. About diesel engines, different road names. I'm An Engineer, Brio trains, explains boxcar, tank cars, gondola. Early in the Morning. About flat cars and the popular dinosaur segment featuring the Dino Express Song. Take the Dinosaur test – when the train stops, you name the dinosaur. (35 minutes)

I Love Toy Trains, Part 5
Ain't It Great to be Crazy? Buster the engineer drives too fast. Jeff tells how steam engines are identified. Old McDonald Had a Train. Jeff explains the different between Standard gauge and O gauge. Classic Ives, Lionel and American Flyer Standard gauge trains are featured – Blue Comet, Stephen Girard, State Set, Hiawatha, Mayflower, and the extremely rare White Ives set. A steam engine takes a bath. Many different real steam engines. This Train. How steam engines operate, about a Shay locomotive. Down at the Station. Lionel and AF Barrel Loaders in action. (33 minutes)

I Love Toy Trains, Part 6
Real steam engines. How electric trains get their power. The Pennsylvania Railroad’s GG-1. Let's Play With a Wooden Train featuring a Brio-type layout. Hesston Steam Museum, the five Great Lakes. When The Animals Ride the Train. How track is repaired. Layin' Down Those Railroad Ties. About Cranes, Hard Workin' Crane. The different types of bridges. The house where Tom Sawyer lived and the fence that Tom Sawyer tricked his pals into painting. Build a Bridge. (37 minutes)

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