I Love Toy Trains DVD Parts [7-9]

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Enjoy the third three parts of this highly acclaimed I Love Toy Trains series! Part 7 - Features famous streamliners like the Daylight, Commodore Vanderbilt, Hiawatha, Torpedo, Dreyfuss Hudson and the Empire State Express. A fun educational segment on the Grand Canyon is also included. Part 8 - See both steam and diesel locomotives including the Pennsylvania Railroad's legendary T-1 Duplex and the Ives Circus Train. Learn about double-heading, and we visit the "Wrong Island Railroad" train layout of the Dollhouse Junction in Long Island, NY. Part 9 - All aboard for more exciting train adventures with Jeff. We visit two elaborate layouts: Dick Brown of Illinois and Lou Palumbo's Underground Railroad Shoppe where we meet Vinny, the toy train-loving mannequin. Run Time: 90 minutes.

I Love Toy Trains, Part 7 :
We visit an incredible Lego layout where everything is made with Lego blocks, including the trains. Pokemon characters on a Barrel Loader and Crane. All about the Grand Canyon and the Grand Canyon railroad. Counting Those Railroad Cars. When steam was king. The Railroad of America. Streamline steam engines of the 1930s. Empire State Express, the Dreyfuss Hudson, the Commodore Vanderbilt, Hiawatha, the UP's 49er, Pennsy RR's Torpedo, and Jeff's favorite, the Southern Pacific Daylight. Streamliners. Mickey Mouse Meteor – a special train featuring Disney characters. See how many you can name. (36 minutes)

I Love Toy Trains, Part 8:
Space Launch bloopers, accessory bloopers, layout at Dollhouse Junction, Long Island, New York, a track gang working on the railroad. I've Been Working on the Railroad. About double-heading and helper engines, loading two engines on a flat-bed truck at the Hesston Steam Museum. New River Train. The Pennsylvania Duplex steam locomotive, Ives Circus train from 1928. Big Train. More bloopers. If at first you don't succeed (Jeff outtakes). (32 minutes)

I Love Toy Trains, Part 9 :
Dick Brown's layout with the figure eight, the original 13 colonies train, Yankee Doodle Dandy. Jeff receives a phone call from Joshua Lionel Cowan, a segment on the NYC's Hudson which includes footage of the real Hudson shot in the 1930s, and all the Lionel model Hudsons. The Legends of the Rails. Underground Railroad’s layout with Vinnie, the puppet who loves toy trains. The first five inductees into the All American Standard Gauge Toy Train Hall of Fame. Toy Train Hall of Fame. (33 minutes)

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